Driving Tips: Upgrade an Automatic Car Driving Licence to a Manual One

Driving Tips to Help You Take the Next Step: Let’s Go Manual.

It’s been a while since you first got that driving licence card. That little plastic symbol of freedom that has allowed you to make the roads your own. You well remember the stress leading up to this great achievement. The hours spent on the road as you learned to drive. The nerves, the anxiety, the fear on the face of your driving instructor. And everyone around you with driving tips, the lessons and practice. And then it was yours. You successfully navigated this one big rite of passage and the driving licence was presented to you.

Only one thing, and it didn’t matter then – you are only licensed to drive an automatic car. You successfully bypassed the one thing that millions of other learner drivers battle with… clutch control! But here’s the thing: as you have grown in confidence and started passing your own driving tips on to other newbies who wish to learn to drive, you realize that something is missing – maybe it is time to upgrade your driving license to a manual one. Perhaps it’s time you learn to drive a stick shift!


Why Would You Want to Learn To Drive a Manual Car?

And how do you go about it? Well, for the most part, it is about the cost. A manual car is a whole lot cheaper to run than an automatic car. From fuel economy to maintenance costs, your pocket will thank you for making that switch from an automatic car.

For those of you who are petrol heads at heart, you will also love the sense of control that you get when you learn to drive a manual car. There is nothing like feeling of changing gears on the open road.

So how do you go about making the shift to stick? The powers that be tell us that it is a fairly simple process. The best driving tips we have for you is that you don’t need to apply for another provisional licence in order to learn to drive a manual car.


Learn, Test and Pass with Passo

If you have a driving licence, you can start at any time. Just be sure that you are following the normal regulations for learning to drive – that you drive with someone who carries a licence for driving a manual car. Find a driving instructor and more driving tips with us.

And don’t forget those L plates! Yes, time to attach those to your car again! And our top driving tip for learning to drive a manual car: Relax! You will stall once or twice. Probably more. That’s okay. It is part of the process and before you know it, you will be changing gears like a pro. Once you’re comfortable with your new skill, it’s time to make that booking for the test.

In the words of Dr Seuss, “You’re off to great places. Today is your day!” Good luck!

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