How can PASSO Assist Driving Instructors in Their Business?

The Driving Instructors Profile and the PASSO Claiming Process.

The new PASSO mobile app is inviting driving instructors in the UK to become part of this revolutionary new way to teach learners how to drive. Our mission is to empower Driving Instructors with an easy to use mobile application to connect with learner drivers in your area. PASSO also provides a quantified feedback processes to keep learners informed. With PASSO’s business automation and cost-effective marketing features, Driving Instructors can now optimize on their tuition hours without the hassle of too much administration.


This is How it Works:

1. Claim Your Instructor Profile

PASSO contains the profiles of the all the registered learning instructors in the UK. PASSO is freely available Driving Instructors wishing to use the app to improve and streamline their business. We invite driving instructors in the UK via email and our website to claim their profiles, thus making them active and available in the PASSO application. One a profile has been activated it will change from orange to green, meaning that your profile is now alive. This makes your profile available and searchable in the PASSO app and people wishing to take lessons will be able to find and connect with you.

2. Adding Rates and Availability

The following step in the claims process allows driving instructors to add their full particulars to the app. This serves to complete the driving instructor profiles with details such as training rate, what type of car you offer (manual or automatic), how many years of experience you have and when you are available for lessons. The schedule is rather detailed, with choices of days of the week, time of the day and amount of hours – thus allowing you to manage your own schedule as well.

Additionally you can also choose to offer lessons as package deals (for example 5 lessons) to learners consisting of promotional packages with a number of hours and recommended discounts. Thus making yourself more competitive and attractive to potential customers. It is important to note that once the setup is complete, you’re driving instructor profile will be displayed as such in the PASSO app and it is possible to modify these particulars during the life span of your participation with us.


The PASSO Driving Instructors Business Proposal.

3. The Booking Process

When your profile is ready the booking process may proceed. This is typically the scenario where learner drivers who wish to undertake lessons install the app and search for driving instructors in their area. When a potential client has seen your profile and has chosen you as the ideal instructor, you will receive a booking request from that person with the ability to accept / reject the request and call or message that person via the PASSO app.

Further notes on the Booking Process:
– The learner driver will provide the location where they prefer to be picked up and also has the option to reschedule or cancel a lesson – dependent on your approval of course.
– Additionally, learners may contact or message you straight from the PASSO app to discuss any requirements they might have or problems related to the scheduled lesson.
– The full lesson on the booking process is available here: The Booking Process. The Schedule explained to Driving instructors and how to book a lesson for learners.

4. The Lesson Process

Once a lesson is booked and confirmed, and payment has been completed (more details below) the app will send a reminded to both yourself and the learner when a lesson is due.

Further notes on the Lesson Process:
– Before each lesson the instructors will have the task to allocate the skills for each lesson to be aught, for example safety checks, mirrors and signals. Please read more details on the setup and feedback procedures in The PASSO Skill metric System. This is also available to the learners so they may anticipate what the lesson will entail and prepare accordingly or ask relevant questions.
– After the lesson is complete, the instructor gets to rate the performance of the learner of the skills applied during the lesson. This will facilitate a continuous feedback process by which the instructor and learner can measure the learning experience from start to finish.

5. The Payment Process

The payment procedure is simplified with PASSO and contains the following aspects:

  • Payments made by Learners for a lesson or package deal: Payment is due once a lesson or package deal have been chosen and booked. Payment is in accordance with the prices displayed in the app and will be processed by the app.
  • Payments received by driving instructors after the lesson or package deal is complete: Payments will be made weekly/monthly to the Driving Instructors.

Further notes on the Payment Process:
– Completion of the feedback of the skills metrics is subject to the payout of the moneys paid by the learner drivers for the lessons they have booked and completed with you. Once this has been obtained, payout will be available in the app to the banking particulars as completed with the driving instructors profile.
– Payouts will take place on a weekly basis with a predetermined cutoff date for bank transactions to take place.
– Further reading: The PASSO Payment Process. How payments are made and received in the PASSO system for learner drivers and driving instructors who use the app.

Further Notes on the Cancellation and Rescheduling Process:
– Cancelled lessons that have already been paid will be carried over in the system to another lesson or driving instructor of the learners’ choice.
– In the event where lessons are rescheduled the total hours of the lessons will be carried over to compensate for the amount of hours paid by the learner.
– Further reading: The PASSO Payment Process.


In Short Conclusion

The benefit of using the PASSO mobile application for driving instructors is the ability to reach into the learner driver industry without having to rely so heavily on the marketing strength of driving schools or other advertising mediums be it traditional or digital. With PASSO mobile, learners can find driving instructor profiles easily and connect instantly with all the tools at hand to make the learning driving process go smoothly.

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