How Much Does a Driving Instructor Earn? How to Make Money with PASSO

How to make money and save the world!

Imagine a career where you have the power to change people’s lives for the better. A career where you are helping people along the road to freedom. A career which can make the world a better place… one driver and drivers licence at a time.

Yes, we are talking about becoming an approved driving instructor. It’s not glamorous – but heroic jobs rarely are, but being a driving instructor can be the kind of job where you can earn money, help people, work flexible hours and sit on your bum for most of the day!


But will you earn money? Real money?

According to Paul from the Birmingham Driving School, a typical driving instructor can earn around £1600 per month, after expenses. Being employed by a driving school, you could expect to earn between £ 10000 and £12000 per year. Self-employment could take you up to between £15000 and £ 20000. Clearly, the way to make money as an approved driving instructor is with your own business.

You do have to bear in mind that your income and of course expenses, particularly vehicle maintenance, will fluctuate from month to month, so discipline and planning is key to your success. The good news is that there are always new potential clients. Kids are coming of age all the time, and you will be surprised by how many older clients you may get.

What about hours?

The average driving instructor works around 20 – 25 hours a week. Yep, no more 40-hour work weeks. Well at least not in terms of actual time on the road. As Paul points out, a 40 hour work week is actually not possible, taking into account the logistics of working your appointments around clients’ availability and location. You will also likely find yourself working more than a 5 day work week, but that decision will lie with you.

If you own your business, you will obviously need to consider all the hours spent on marketing, admin, maintenance and all of the other hard work that comes with being your own boss. Still not a bad work week, though!

How to make money with PASSO?

And here is the exciting news: PASSO Digital can give you the edge! PASSO is revolutionizing the driving tuition industry. As an approved driving instructor, you can make money and take your business into the future with this very clever app.


PASSO makes marketing easy by connecting you, as the driving instructor, with your potential students. It also works as a diary system by enabling you to stay up to date with details on lessons. Making money through attracting clients is certainly not our only goal. We aim to make the roads safer by empowering you to create better drivers. You can set objectives and provide your learners with updates on their progress. PASSO also uses state-of-the-art AI to track driver behaviour.

We can’t guarantee that you will make money fast but we are confident that we will give you an advantage over your non-PASSO competitors!

So what next?

If you are a patient, committed, skilled driver with a passion for making the roads a safer place, then perhaps becoming an approved driving instructor is the career path for you. For more details on where to start, click here. Good luck!

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