What is the Learner Driver Benefit of the Passo Mobile Application?

The Learner Driver Benefits and Why You Would Choose to use Passo.

The new Passo mobile app is making waves in the learner driver industry. And rightfully so. This online platform is designed to bring learner drivers and instructors together in the learning process. Statistically an average of 1.5 million practical driving tests are booked every year in the UK with a strikingly low pass rate of 49% percent or less. The learner driver benefits includes finding a driving instructor in your area and passing your driving test first time. Passo aims to assist learner drivers pass their test easier and more successfully with the use of this revolutionary tool. This is how it works:

1. Choose a Driving Instructor in Your Area

Finding a certified driving instructor is now easier than ever. If you are a learner driver or thinking of taking driving lessons, then we can assist you to make a fully informed choice of the best instructor suited to you. Available for you now in your area!

The learner driver benefits from the details visible from the instructor’s profile that are important to making decisions. This includes the years of experience and what type of vehicle they offer. Other particulars such as price per lesson are also important. A unique feature to our mobile application is whether the instructor has a money back guarantee. We aim to offer the best service with the well-being of the learner in mind.


2. Get Quantitative Feedback to Measure Your Progress

A real value add to new drivers whom has to master several skills in order to pass their test successfully. With this application we have digitized the skills necessary to pass your test. Every skill is learned, measured and rated for the best possible outcome. Before your driving lesson, your driving instructor will choose approximately 3 – 4 skills. He or she will then discuss and learn with you those skills on that day’s lesson. You can see the skills right in the app, so you will know what exactly your lesson entails before you start. Additionally, the driving instructor rates your performance on these skills right after the lesson. This assists you to know and track your progress and thus with your learning process as a whole.


3. Keep Track of Your Skills and Improve Your Performance

We believe one of the main contributing factors to the low pass rate for learner drivers in the UK is the shortcoming in proper feedback.
In many cases, learner drivers cannot go back to improve on their skill sets because such feedback simply does not exists.  Passo aims to solve this dilemma with the Skills chart.

With this feature, the learner driver benefits from the display of the ratings of the skills already participated in as well as the aspects in which they can focus more attention for continued improvement. A perfect accompaniment of every driving lesson.


4. Evaluate your Driving Ability While You Drive

One out of every five newly qualified drivers are involved in serious road traffic collisions within 6 months of passing their test. We offer quantified feedback to eliminate driving errors thus making UK roads safer for new drivers.


An interactive map is visible in the Passo mobile application that shows the route you are driving and sensors on your phone records the metrics while you drive. Not only is this for your driving lessons, but our app can be used after you have obtained your driver’s license so you may monitor your performance with the objective of continuous improvement. Additionally, driving behaviours’ scores as indicated below shows real time analytics translated as behavioral scores.


5. Learn, Test and Pass with Passo

The Passo model strives to connect learner drivers directly with over 28 000 registered instructor drivers in the UK. Independent of any middle men, driving schools or institutions, Passo mobile bring the learning experience to the market free of charge to the consumer and promotes a free economic system whereby drivers and instructors connect and learn together. The learner driver benefits from modern technology and advanced behavioral modelling. This application remains easy to use, and streamlines the way learners and driving instructor communicates. Making driving lessons simpler, cheaper and the driving test – well easier to pass.

In Short Conclusion

The Passo mobile application is not only a tool with which you can book a lesson with a driving instructor, you can also receive reminders from your phone when your lessons are due and manage all your lessons in advance and throughout. The app also allows you to communicate directly with your instructor – give him a quick message to tell him you’re running late. You can even request to reschedule a lesson in the event where you have to work late and cannot make an appointment. It’s that easy. Passo saves you time, money and gives the possibility of learning to drive faster, safer and pass the test with flying colors first time. All of this in one app? Why not download and install Passo today?


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