Passo Features – How to Book your Driving Lessons

Yes! It is Time for You to Get Driving Lessons.

Okay – it’s time. You’ve made up your mind; you are going to get your drivers licence! Finding a driving instructor will be the easiest way to start. But how to get driving lessons easily?  First off, we recommend you register your details with Passo. You can do it from your computer or download the app for your phone.  As the Uber of the driving tuition industry, Passo will link you with a number of driving instructors near your home, place of work or study. By enabling the site to track your location and you will immediately see a list of ‘lessons near me’.

With the use of the Passo mobile app, you will be able to see a variety of driving instructors with all their credentials. This includes whether they have a manual or automatic car when they are available for lessons and what the costs will be. Yes, we know, your cousin Tommy might super keen to teach you how to drive, but please make sure your chosen teacher is from the list of approved driving instructors. All Passo instructors are ADI’s (Approved Driving Instructors) and are obliged to follow the ADI Code of Practice.

Book Your Passo LessonHow Can I Choose the Best Driving Lessons Near Me?

Of course, getting your drivers licence is the goal but becoming a competent driver is even more important. The beauty of the Passo mobile app is that it will give you choices of driving instructors in your area. Feel free to ask these driving instructors for their credentials. Referrals are always a great idea – once you have found a driving instructor that suits your pocket, you can contact them to discuss your needs. You can connect with your chosen instructors directly through the Passo app effortlessly.

Other factors to consider before you make your final choice of driving lessons can include chatting with a couple of different driving schools to get a feel for their offerings. Consider the instructor’s personality, their vehicle, their availability and their pricing. Choose someone you feel most comfortable with. Still not sure? We offer some more helpful tips with What is the Learner Driver Benefit of the Passo Mobile Application?

While we’re talking about pricing, it is important to remember that cheaper is not always better. Go with an offering that suits your needs. For example a package deal of 6 one hour lessons. Package deals may be a good idea, as a bundle of lessons at a lower rate can be very helpful in planning and getting your drivers licence successfully.

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Take The Next Step and Book Your Lesson

You’ve found your instructor on Passo – now just click that green button that says, “Book Now”. We recommend you choose your driving lessons at a time when you are at your most alert.  Wear comfy clothing and practical shoes – heels and chunky soles are not ideal – you want to have a feel for the way the car responds to your actions. Fashion is definitely not your priority when you are learning to drive. Flat shoes and flexible soles are the way to go.

Relax! Every single driver was a learner once.  Ask loads of questions. No question is a silly one, and knowledge is power!  Stay positive – learning a new skill takes time, but it will be second nature before you know it.

Assess your progress after a few lessons. Are you on track? Passo allows your instructor to set objectives and provide you with feedback. The app also offers built-in AI which tracks your driving behaviour, allowing you to track your progress. Practice your newly learned skills whenever you have an opportunity. You’re on your way with Passo Digital – freedom of the road will soon be yours!

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