Passo Q&A: The Payment Method and Process for Driving Instructors

How does the Passo Payment Method work for the Learner Driver?

Don’t you just love living in the future? We’re talking about money here. Making payments is so simple nowadays. Carrying actual cash is fast becoming a remnant of the past. Passo Digital is embracing the future with its super convenient payment method, whether on the web or on our mobile app.

Learners can access a list of approved driving instructors near to them through our website or mobile app.

The listed driving instructors can choose how they wish to offer lessons to their learners – individual lessons or package deals. Package deals are often offered at discounted rates. The learner will choose an instructor and request a booking date. The driving instructor can then choose whether to accept the booking.

Once the instructor accepts the booking, payment as per the pricing displayed on the website or mobile app becomes due. The learner will receive a prompt to make a payment in order to proceed.



The learner will then need process a payment for the amount due, using the payment gateway embedded in the app. This payment gateway facilitates payments from all major banks. The learner driver will only need to set up their payment method once, on the website or on the mobile app.

The payment will then go through Passo Digital. They will in turn make payment over the driving instructors based on their agreed terms of service.

Once payment confirmation has been received by the driving instructor, a booking confirmation will be sent to the learner as well as the driving instructor confirming the details of the appointment or series of appointments.

How does the Passo Payment Method affect the Driving Instructor?

Driving instructors need to adhere to certain terms to claim payments made by learners. These are set out in the initial agreement:

  • Banking details must be supplied and confirmed.
  • Driving feedback must be completed and skills metrics must be complete before payments are released.
  • Payment commences on weekly / monthly basis depending on the initial setup of the driving instructor profile.

Learner Driver Benefit of PASSO

What are the Passo Benefits for the Driving Instructor and the Learner?

  • The learner need not carry cash as all payments are processed electronically through our secure payment gateway.
  • Payments can be processed anywhere, and at any time through the mobile app.
  • The learner is assured of service and lesson feedback from their chosen instructor.
  • The driving instructor is assured of receiving payment timeously.
  • Convenience for both the instructor and the learner.

At Passo Digital, we are trying to improve the experience for both driving instructors and learners and we can’t wait for you to benefit from our technology!

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